Brief History


In the summer of 2015, the 24/7 Online Radio Group launched two international online radio stations providing music 24/7. The first station was Jazz International Radio. After the success of this jazz station we then launched Classic Radio International. These two station genres reflected the musical interests of our team. However, as our radio service provider, Radionomy, was closing down its free service on the 30 December, 2019, we had a relaunch and set up Classical Radio International and Jazz Radio International. In addition, we launched the 24/7 service on 24/7 Online Radio and 24/7 Nature Radio. In 2020 we also launched 24/7 London Radio and 24/7 Blues Radio.

Listeners can listen directly via our online streams,  apps or can use other providers such as Radio GardenRadioshakerRadiolinemyTunerStreamitter, and many others.

Radionomy paid the royalty fees on the stations in their group. When they closed down their services the 24/7 Online Radio Group took the decision to transfer to new services.

In addition, as from 1st January, 2020, our  24/7 stations, Classical Radio International, Jazz Radio International, 24/7 Online Radio, 24/7 Nature Radio, 24/7 London Radio and 24/7 Blues Radio use performing rights and royalty free music.

We are very thankful to the musicians, composers and AKM Music for providing non- MCPS, PPS and PPL music for our stations.